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Specialised Veterinary Kennelling

Your resort vets, Drs Roy and Kristine, offer specialised kennelling for pets with particular veterinary needs:

Orthopaedic Post-Operative Kennelling

We do provide post-operative recovery kennelling for pets that have undergone orthopaedic operations and require movement restriction and/or physiotherapy as part of their recovery and rehabilitation regimen.

We also do wound management and bandage changes as required. Does the post-operative home care required for your pet overwhelm you? Let us take care of it for you. We will treat them as carefully and as lovingly as you would. We have the best bedside manner!

High Care Kennelling

Does your special pet require chronic medication, or special therapy on a daily basis? Does he or she have a chronic illness that needs constant supervision and management? Have you been nervous to go away on holiday because of this?

Your worries are over, because we can take care of your beloved pet and his/her special needs with all the care, knowledge and understanding that we as vets can offer.

Call us today and request a quote for your special requirements, and rest easy, knowing that your beloved pet is in the best hands.



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