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Doggy Daycare

PAWS RESORT is now offering a Doggy Daycare service!

doggy-daycare-1Do you work long hours during the day, and have dogs that you feel bad about leaving alone at home while you work?  Worry no longer!  Paws Resort will take care of your pets in a comfortable, stress-free and fun environment while you work.  Drop them off in the morning, and collect them again in the evening, and let us enrich their day with games and toys and cuddles. Socialising with other dogs and people is very good for your dog’s behavioural health, and we provide a fun, positive socialising experience for your dog.
doggy-daycare-2Your dogs can play together with other doggy friends in our large communal play garden, with paddle pool, shady trees and a lush lawn.  If they are tired of romping and wish to retreat to a quiet corner, they can rest in a large chalet while their friends continue to play with our doggy-minders.

If you prefer your dog to be kept separate from other families, they may be kept in individual gardens, and a doggy minder will play with them and take them for walks during their stay.

If you have cats you would like day-boarded as well, please inquire, and we will advise you about our facilities for feline friends.


Contact Fortunate for a quote or a booking on
087 803 5820
076 589 9700


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